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If we were able to proposed a chuck were we could index the soft jaws within .0001in. how much money could you save and how much more productive and efficient would you become... MICROCENTRIC have curiously the product for your needs. Please ask us for more details.
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BISON Lathe chuck www
HARDINGE Lathe Chuck, Collet of any kind, 4th. axis, etc... www
HURON Manual and Power Chuck, www
JACOBS Drill Chuck and Tool Holding system www
KITAGAWA Power and Manual Chuck, NC Rotary Table, www
MICROCENTRICS Hydraulic and pneumatic Chuck that can give you a tolerance of .0001in. after indexing the soft jaws. www
SCHUNK Lathe Chuck, stationary Workholding, Automation(gripping modules), etc... www
SMW Quick Jaws change system taking less than a minute to index www