We have the opportunity to represent one of the comany who stand way ahead on the world wide market. KENNAMETAL can answer any specific request since they can offer the widest range of product in their category.
Manufacturer Info Contact
AB TOOLS Aluminum milling specialist (indexable) www
ADVENT TOOL Thread Milling indexable insert and Solide Carbide www
BALAX Form Thread, Cut Thread www
DC SWISS Swiss quality Taps www
DURAMILL EhisperKut, Solide carbide end Mill (variable pitch and helix angle) www
EMUGE High quality Taps (best on the market) www
EVEREDY Solide carbide boring bar www
EZ BURRS Deburring specialist on Milling Center www
FULLERTON Solide Carbide Drill, reamer and End Mill www
HANITA Solide Carbide End Mill www
HARVEY TOOLS Solide Carbide End Mill, Ball Nose, Drill of small diameter (-.125in.) www
HORIZON CNMG, WNMG, DNMG, CCMT, Threading insert and Top Notch insert www
IMCO Solide Carbide End Mill www
KAR General accessories www
KARNASH High performance drill www
KENNAMETAL Carbide Cutting Tool Factory www
MAPAL High Precision Reamer, Solide Carbide Drill www
MAPAL Extrem Precision Reamer and new line of Drill having the same concern over quality www
MICRON Hig precision drill (15 x diam. ratio) www
MORSE Drill, taps and reamer www
NOGA Deburring tool www
PRECISION (PTD) DORMER High quality Drill and Taps www
SOWA General accessories www
STAR CUTTER Gun Drill www
VNE/ VARDEX External and Internal threading specialist www