About us

H.T. TECHNOLOGIES INC. was founded in 1992 by two experienced machinists who gave themselves no margin of error in providing service that exceeds the market standards.  Mr. Robert Taillon and Mr. Serge Hébert quickly made their place in an increasingly demanding market.  With this in mind, Mr. Robert Renaud made the acquisition of this company in July of 2007.

Having made his mark since 1989 as a Sales Director and a General Manager for one of the major carbide tooling suppliers in the world, Mr. Renaud was eager to continue the success undertaken by his predecessors and since then H.T. Technologies has continued on the same path to success.  In 2011, Mr. Alain Parent joined the team as a new share holder of the company and brings over 20 years of experience under his belt in the field of metal machining. 

H.T-Technologies is moving forward one more time and to assure its growth.  H.T. Technologies has all the elements in place to meet every need of the highest expectation of an increasingly demanding customer.  The efficiency of its customer service has proven repeatedly that the highest standards can be met.  Along with a sophisticated software at the cutting edge of technology, H.T. Technologies excels in managing their inventory and assure peace of mind for their customers.

With this being said, what distinguishes H.T. Technologies from their competitors is the ability to meet customer requirements rapidly.  H.T. Technologies can supply CNC machines, indexible and solid carbide cutting tools, accessories, cutting fluid (Coolant) and more!

The after sales service is provided by a team of experienced technicians, who can not only repair your mechanical breakdown but can also assist you in your manufacturing process.  Our team is made up of machinists or technicians with many years of experience under their belt in such an increasingly specialized field.

A quick phone call will allow you to realize the many benefits of dealing with our team.

Allow us the pleasure of serving you!